Mission Statement

AtomicEdge is a small network dedicated to all things gaming and anime. We don't aim to be like the big networks – we aim for a feeling of community and we do what we can to make sure that you, the user, are comfortable.


AtomicEdge started off as a small network in 2005 (though its roots can be traced to MUCH earlier than this). It was named after the channel #bit'sjoint which moved off of WebChat after the users grew tired of the constant woes that big networks suffer from.

The community started off as just this one channel and mostly closed to the public for some time. After opening its doors in early 2007 the network has experienced a slow, but steady growth which we hope to continue doing.

What We Offer

We offer all the standard services, such as the ability to register your name via NickServ and the ability to register and maintain your channels via ChanServ and more. As a special bonus we offer DiceServ, our dice rolling service for any table-tops that choose to run via IRC.

We also offer our addon for mIRC to make it a pleasant switch-over from our web client (or mibbit) to mIRC for first time users.